Balayage Breakdown

Balayage Breakdown

Lets talk colour!!! If you haven't heard of Balayage or Ombre then please climb out from under your rock!! It's the colour trend that just won't go away. Everyone has been sporting it, from supermodels to the A-list, even Jared Leto gave it a go at one point (I'm not too sure how Angela Chase would feel about that!) 

Though it's hugely popular, I find that a lot of the time people confuse Ombre for Balayage and vice versa! Be in the know before taking the plunge. Here's the skinny for the next time you visit your salon.


First off balayage comes from the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It's a free-hand technique (so no foils or meche) and the colour is applied delicately on each section but not saturated through the hair until the very ends. There should be plenty of natural hair left throughout and your hair should look sun kissed and subtle. It's a very natural form of highlighting and low maintenance as this technique promotes less noticeable regrowth lines! The aim of balayage is to be as organic as possible, highlighting in a way that the sun would normally lighten the hair.


Ombre on the other hand is a bolder technique, where the roots and ends are a completely different colour (the most popular being dark roots and blonde ends). It's a little softer than actually dip dying as there should be some graduation of colour but there is generally no natural hair left throughout the ends. It's more of a dramatic look than balayage but still a low maintenance colour choice.  

Both are beautiful when done right! So have fun deciding which one floats your boat!!

J x