Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding Hair Trends

At the start of every wedding season I'm curious to see what beauty trends are going to emerge. Since I began wedding styling 5 years ago I've noticed that every year more and more brides are favouring relaxed, easy going hair. Hallelujah!!

Brides are getting braver when it comes to making that decision and are not succumbing to the dreaded "it's not wedding-y enough"!!

I've picked 3 styles that I love and are the epitome of beautifully casual hair!


I've been rooting for this style for a couple of years now! I think it's really beautiful and very cool. I know some people will think… aaah no way! I wear one to work everyday but as you can see from these inspirational images these ain't no ordinary workin' ponytails! If you choose one with volume and texture at the crown, then you will certainly feel finished!


So these waves are different to the perfect glossy waves  we've seen everywhere lately. Messy, matte and not at all uniformed. they are basically the curly blowdrys cooler sister. Perfect for that chilled summer wedding! Team them up with a floral crown and you've got yourself magazine worthy style!


So who doesn't love a braid?! There are so many to choose from whether it's a fishtail, braided crown or waterfall braid, there's something for everyone. It's so easy to incorporate them into your hair whether you want to wear it up or down! Braids are all about having fun and are perfect for those beach and festival inspired weddings!

J x