Welcome, welcome! So I'm officially on the blog bandwagon (I know, I know, not another one I hear you scream!) What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said? This question and a million more like it have popped into my head all week but I'm just going to shake it off and be really happy to have my own little corner right here! I'm so excited to have the chats with everyone!

So I should probably tell you some things about me… I have a mild obsession with my little boy Tom, I live in Zara, I'm always on a countdown to Christmas, I'd choose a cosy pub with close friends over a fancy party any day of the week, my favourite place in the world is my Mams kitchen, I'm a product junkie and an impulse buyer, I love really awful television and really good music, Winter is my favourite, I own more ankle boots and leather jackets than all my other clothes combined and my dirty little secret is that I have to have a little chocolate after my breakfast, everyday. I just have to.

I have been trying to get this website up and running for so long and I could just never get focused.  Then my good friend Kate, of Dusty Boy Designs, recommended Rachel Delap to get the ball rolling and I now know that everything has a time and it was all meant to happen this way.  She has totally managed to read my mind, which I'm sure was a job in itself, and design my branding and website! I love it and she is just incredible! So Rachel, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

I have learned that procrastination coupled with perfectionism is a deadly combination and has inhibited me for years to do what I really wanted. My new mantra is... start now and figure it out later.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

J x